Welcome and thank you for joining us for the debut of a brand new blog. Here at Red Filter Sounds we will be exploring the worlds of ambient, downbeat and chillout music, along with their many other avant garde, unstructured brethren. A heady blend of artist profiles, genre news and playful ponderings will be percolating through these doors a couple of times a week, so be sure to keep an eye out or better yet, subscribe!

It only seems fitting that for our first post, we shall inject your playlists with new music you may or may not have given a listen to yet. They were all released this year or last, and will give you an idea of what to expect from Red Filter Sounds in the future. So, without further adieu…


Human Too by The Furr

Released in March 2016

Hailing from Morgantown, West Virginia, Human Too sees The Furr experimenting with their sound, and unafraid to take it in different directions.

Songs Little Green Men and Identical Tentacle I are occasionally-upbeat cosmic noise, conjoining clean guitars with lo-fi haze, spacey inscrutable vocals and the indubitable synth of microKORGs. These bookend Aeroplanes, a spacey bit of surf rock , and AA Mike, a garage-y angst-ridden piece of vitriol the plays more like a song of out the 80’s indie scene.

The album finishes with three more tracks, bringing its total to seven. While these are continuing many of the themes found in the first half of the album, it is decidedly more indulgent. The greater use of experimental vocals, bird noises, sound effects and unpredictable repetition will dizzy the mind.

For fans of art-rock ambience, Human Too is definitely worth a listen.


System A by Alpha Wave Music

Released January 2015

Perhaps you’re looking for something to put you properly into a dreamlike state? System A is sure to do the trick. Often beat-less and highly tonal, System A is perfect with a set of headphones

Gregory T. Kyryluk has been creating music under a few different monikers for a couple decades at this point. As a member of the Berlin school and cosmic ambience, it’s clear that Kyryluk is a veteran of his craft.

For fans of traditional synth with hints of 70s era prog, Alpha Wave Music will definitely fit the bill.



Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 5

Released October 2015

Quite honestly this is a bit of a cheat. It’s pretty clear to deduce from the title that this is, in fact, a compilation. Ambient Online is one of the most active communities that you can find for the aforementioned genre. For creators and fans alike, it’s a great resource for those who are both looking to learn more and find likeminded individuals.

But still, why include a compilation? Simply put, you’re not going to find a much better deal – legally – for music anywhere, in any genre. For $9.99, listeners will be able to sit down and listen to over a hundred different tracks, none of which are from the same artist. It’s an ultimate auditory adventure that will take you several sittings to get through. By the end, if you haven’t found someone new that you like, we’ll eat our proverbial hats.