RFS Looks Back: The Musical Catacombs

We all can use some music to get us through the week. Often times this means turning on a favorite on repeat. But there are times when it’s impossible to resist the urge of some great new music. It doesn’t have to be released yesterday. Instead it just needs to be something that you’ve never given a true listen to. In this spirit, here are a handful of artists that may have never made it to your radar.

Of Porcelain

For fans of IDM and the experimental electronica, those in the know may have heard Josh Mayer’s (aka Ooah) primary work within the confines of Glitch Mob. While Glitch Mob has become notable for its hits on the dancefloor, this 2009 solo release is much more introspective, experimental and downbeat.

Voices from the Lake feat. Donato Dozzy & Neel

This project has been described as quite personal for the two DJs/producers from Italy. Deeply rooted in micro tech beats and the avant garde, Donato Dozzy and Giuseppe Tillieci have created an album that has one foot in the world of ambient and another in the more traditional lands of electronica.

(Note: Prologue Records compiled excerpts for sampling rather than share the entire album via stream. The album itself is much longer)

Yellow Swans

For those who are really wanting to step into the beyond today, Yellow Swans might be just the ticket. These psychedelic rockers have taken noise rock and pushed it as far as it can go tonally. What’s left is a spacy and highly ambient fuzzy embrace.

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