Back to the Future: Moog’s Model 15 App

This past week on May 3rd, Moog released the Model 15  app exclusively for Apple’s iOS platform, taking the analog goodness of Moog’s Model 15 to the tablet.

Anyone that has ever considered picking up piano or keyboard should know the name Moog. They’re a synthesizer giant and pioneer, idolized by musicians and engineers alike.

In 1973, Moog released the Model 15 modular synthesizer. It was an ultra-compact studio synthesizer that kicked ass like David rather than Goliath. It was rugged, portable and extremely versatile, making it perfect for live music and unique recording location.

Moog’s Model 15 Modular

More recently, Moog recreated its beloved product through years of research and love. The painstaking effort brought forth musical tech that is near unrivaled in its auditory spacialization and vintage tone. The price? A cool $10,000.00

Unless you’re one of the lucky few who has that sort of scratch lying around, Moog’s digital implementation is likely going to be a lot more appealing; both for practice and in actually application. It is priced at the much more approachable $30.

Early reviews are quite positive, but at least one person has reported issues with stability. Either way, for the price paid, it’s hard to imagine you’ll be able to beat it.

Moog’s Model 15 App can be acquired here.


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