More Sounds, Less Music: Kuke Muru Ambient Festival

For those who get cold easily, Estonia is not where you want to be in the winter. It’s blood freezing cold with temperatures rarely going above freezing. Fortunately for Ambient Music lovers, the awesome Kukemuru music festival is alive and well in August, when the Estonian capital Tallinn (and location of Kukemuru) is fully flexing its beauty and comfort.

The original idea of Kukemuru Ambient festival was born in 2013 (by ambient musician Kaido Kirikmäe & designer Sander Meentalo), and the event manifested for the first time on the same year in August. “More sounds, less music” – The seer concept behind it is to offer ambient culture(sonically & visually) through surrounding environment and thereby causing the organic coherence of contemporary culture and nature.

Quality oriented sound, tasty food & pleasant atmosphere, closeness to nature & environmental awareness, exciting lineup & mindful audience… are few of the many one can identify this festival.

Within three years Kukemuru has offered plethora of ambient music from all over the world – internationally renowned artists like Biosphere from Norway, founding member of Cabaret Voltaire and one of the world’s leading recorders of natural phenomena Chris Watson and duo from Essex called Ultramarine who waved on ambient-house in early 90’s.

In 2015 Citizens associations conference recognized Kukemuru festival as “Unique and special startup” and also is mentioned as one of the notable music event to visit at summertime in Estonia.

So for those looking for a great music experience, or looking to escape the punishing heat of your typical locale, Kuke Muru will be kicking into gear August 4th-6th.

For More Information: KukeMuru

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