Perry Frank, Ambient Guitarist

Technology for guitars has come a long way since Les Paul’s days of tinkering back in the fifties. Bands such as Boston made great use of pedals in the seventies, while the new millennium saw musicians such as Keller Williams mastering the loop tools to create live, one man pieces of eclectic layering. For artists like Italy’s Perry Frank, this technology has played in perfectly to expanding what an electric guitar can do in the worlds of chillout, ambient and psychedelia.

After playing in many rock bands since 1996, Perry Frank in 2005 decided to devote himself exclusively to his research projects of ambient, chill out and psychedelic music. The first album ONE LAST STEP TO ETERNITY was published in 2006 and contains 14 songs.

In June 2012 he signed with IDEALMUSIK LABEL to release his new album. The album MUSIC TO DISAPPEAR was released by IDEALMUSIK in August 2012 and is available in downloadshops worldwide. In October 2012 Perry Frank has been selected for the Andrea Parodi Contest and performed live during the three days of the contest (22-23-24 November) with the unreleased track Cantu a Merì (written with Giovanni Marco Pruna), which was released on Youtube and Soundcloud in December 2012. In May 2013 Asphodel a new single was published in the ambient/chillout compilation Ideal Chill V by Idealmusik Label.

In September 2013 Perry signed a contract with Clubland Records for the release of the new mini album. In October 2013 Perry published THE NEPTUNE SESSIONS, the new mini-album, that contains six new songs. Perry takes part in October 2013 to Karel Music Expò, performing along with Visual Artist Enrico Venturini, at the Teatro Civico di Castello in Cagliari. Between October and November 2013 Perry started his first Italian Tour and performed his music live for seven shows in Bologna, Parma, Milan, Mestre and Venice.

During all 2014 Perry Frank alternated live shows to recording sessions of new material. The new album titled SOUNDSCAPE BOX I that contains seven new songs, was released in October 2014 for the irish label Psychonavigation Records. In January 2015 a new song called Shardana was published in the ambient/chillout Compilation Ideal Chill VI, released by Idealmusik Label.

Frank has been quite prolific over the years, so if his works are to your liking, you’re going to find quite a bit to work with.

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