RFS Picks of the Week

It’s the end of July. Has the heat got you down? Perhaps politics have you pulling out more hair than Homer Simpson. Whatever your quagmire, escape it with this week’s music.

The Ambient Drones of Bill Baxter – Songs of Love

Sessions so fresh that they haven’t yet made it into a true album form. The current incarnation was recorded for Bing Satellites Mostly Ambient Radio Show. Expect experimental dark tones and drone.

An Imaginal Space – Ambivalence

Released last week, this time for the more alternative side of ambient music, An Imaginal Space’s Ambivalence is much more bright in its tonal quality, but a hint of melancholy trickles through as well. Will bring to mind the point of a movie where the hero sacrifices him or herself, much to the chagrin of his or her loved ones.

Aquarhythms – Stellar Jazz – Ether in the Ambient Jazz Cafe

A blast from the past, AquarhythmsStellar Jazz, from the album Ether in the Ambient Jazz Cafe, does well to reflect the age of a more analog ambient vibe. Heavy on jazz rhythms, light percussion and cyclical synth tones, the album is a great listen for all those who enjoy where jazz fusion and electronica meet.


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