RFS Picks of the Week: August 5th, 2016

Back again this week with a good variety for all sorts of music lovers. This week’s tracks feature music to sleep to, music to trip to, and music to brighten your background.

Ambient Sleeping Pill 3- Various Artists

There’s nothing like a good mix of music from a group of artists you have yet to discover. Ambient Sleeping Pill 3, the third (obviously) in its series, is perfect for those in need of some mellow moods. Cold, glacial tracks transition to heavenly warmth before concluding with dreamy fantasies.

Don Peyote – Blue Lotus

There’s a reason Don’s name ends with Peyote, and it’s unlikely that it is familial. Blue Lotus is a psychedelic trip through the Amazon forest. Peyote has fused live instrumentation, forest recordings and synthesizers to bring you directly to the heart of the jungle.

Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy – Instrumental and Ambient Mixes 003

For the Aussies out there, the name Steve Kilbey may be familiar. As the lead singer/songwriter and bassist for The Church, amongst others, Kilbey has been tearing up the music world for decades. With his partner in crime, soundscaper Martin Kennedy, the due has made some beautiful tracks that balance the line between pop and more nuanced ambient.

This set of instrumental and ambient mixes are derived from the recording sessions of their album, “You are Everything.”


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