RFS Picks of the Week: August 12th, 2016


a n e m o ne – Illusions  for Lovers e.p.

Released earlier this summer, a n e m o ne’s ep is a strong blend of experimental house, vaporwave, ambient and noise. These mellows songs often have a good beat to them, perfect for those who like a tempo accompanying their background music.

Metatron Omega – Sanctum

The album hasn’t officially been released yet, but the opening single should be enough for dark ambient fans to get excited.  Metatron Omega’s Transductio is a chilling, ominous tune that will be the perfect backdrop to nefarious villain’s work days. Luckily, it’s pretty good for the rest of us too. Sanctum will be released August 16th.

Merrin Karras – Apex

Brendan Gregoriy produced music as Chymera for more than 15 years. But as his music taste continued to evolve and his interest in ambient became more adventurous, it drove a change in his compositions. Apex, as Merrin Karras, is the result of those changes; a finely tuned, synth-driven ambient album that will surely whet the appetite of numerous electronica fans.

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