RFS Picks of the Week: August 26th, 2016

Welcome back for another RFS Picks of the Week. This week’s additions are bleak, ominous, and melancholy, upbeat, positive and psychedelic as well. Without wasting anymore time…

Fading Contour – Soaking the Rope

The debut release from Belgium’s Soaking the Rope sees listeners get lost in a fuzzy haze and bleak, tender sadness. The album will officially release August 29th.

Tycho – Awake

San Francisco’s Tycho is an excellent example of what happens when a band takes the enjoyable elements of pop but pushes it away from its normal commercial existence. Awake is a peppy, upbeat album that is easy to get into while on the move.

Random Forest – Panoramic

The first feeling experienced when listening to Panoramic, by Random Forest, is being drawn into a vast expanse. Perfect for drifting off into mental purgatory, Panoramic is both well-served as a quartet of soundscapes and set of uplifting tracks.

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