One Woman Orchestra Zoe Keating at Grounds for Sculpture Park, Hamilton, NJ

Zoe Keating in Concert

Music and art lovers in the Philadelphia-Trenton, NJ area should keep their eyes peeled for November 18th. Zoe Keating will be performing at Grounds for Sculpture, combining one of the East Coast’s most unusual parks with one of the West Coast’s most compelling cellists.

Zoe Keating is a one-woman orchestra.  Born in Canada and classically trained from the age of eight, she spent her 20’s dabbling in computer software while moonlighting as a cellist in rock bands.  Inevitably, she combined the two and developed her signature style.  Using a cello and a foot-controlled laptop to record layer upon layer of cello, the result is lush, beautiful, and other-worldly music.  From 2002 – 2006 she was a member of the cello-rock group Rasputina – and as a cellist and arranger, she’s worked with artists including Imogen Heap, DJ Shadow, Curt Smith, and Paolo Nutini and performed live on NPR, television, in medieval churches, punk clubs, and even outdoors in the Nevada desert.  A night of exceptional music not to be missed!

A Message From Seward Johnson

Founder of Grounds For Sculpture

Our vision for Grounds For Sculpture is that it will continue to fill people everywhere with the emotional sustenance derived from the powerful and restorative connection between art and nature.

If I had to distill into one mission statement all the ideas that went into creating Grounds For Sculpture, it would be this:

To create a place to make contemporary sculpture more accessible to greater numbers of people from all backgrounds; to offer them the opportunity to develop privately, step-by step, a more intimate relationship with contemporary art; to share that experience with others in a familiar, accessible, informal setting in nature—giving them the chance, as Picasso said, to wash away “from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Grounds for Sculpture will be hosting Zoe Keating on November 18th, at 8pm.

For More Information: Grounds for Sculpture

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