RFS Picks of the Week: September 10th

You may not be allowed to wear white after Labor Day, but that has absolutely nothing to do with new music. Let’s not waste any more time with giving you this a new Red Filter Sounds’ Picks of the Week.

Costanza- The Jerk Store

Complete with anime-inspired Seinfeld artwork, Constanza’s vaporwave – or as they call it, “Seinwave” – tracks on The Jerk Store are decidedly poppy. Think early nineties dance poppy. It’s hard to tell whether or not the music is inspired by or satirizing the era. The music blends synth and ambiguous vocals to beats that, before long, you realize you’re nodding along to. Each track runs quite brief, so this is an easy listen to an artist imbued with the inferiority complexes of its muse. You’ll make great time.

Ouvala – Psychology of Colour

It doesn’t get any fresher than this, as Ouvala’s Pyschology of Colour was released today. Superb minimalist tone use drifts towards drone but never loses its beat. The rare ambient album that you might put on for background noise only to catch yourself listening intently.

Lowercase Noises – Passage

This happy, dreamy, five-track album is a great blend of old instruments and new. Part post-rock, part folk, part electronica, it combines guitars, banjo and other traditional instruments with programming and keyboards to create a truly soothing music experience. If Sigur Rós lost its vocals and spent a summer experimenting with the banjo, you’d have a pretty good doppleganger to Lowercase Noisbes and their album Passage.


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