Techstars Launches Accelerator Program For Music

Business accelerator Techstars, from Boulder, CO., is turning its eyes towards the world of music.

Let’s face it, ever since the advent of the internet, mp3s, file-sharing, and more competition for people’s attention, the music business has been struggling. Music licensing has been gouging media servers for decades, making new services such as Spotify and Pandora to struggle with staying in the black.

Now, with major businesses such as Google, Amazon and Apple creating their own services, the music industry wants to incentivize newcomers dedicated to music to innovate and push the boundaries of the market.

With the help of Techstars, aspiring market disrupters will be focusing on:

– Music experiences for home, festival, venue, mobile & connected devices
– Music & video creation, collaboration & sharing
– Direct-to-fan marketing & ecommerce
– Content infrastructure & delivery
– Royalties, rights management, reporting & licensing
– Data mining, machine learning & artificial intelligence
– Artist discovery & content curation
– Music education for digital natives

Techstars Music is a three-month, mentorship-driven startup accelerator program.
Each year, we will invest $120k in each of the 10 music related startups from around the world. We’ll also provide office space in Los Angeles and access to artists and executives from all facets of the global music business. To help us find and mentor this new crop of startups, we’ve enlisted some of the leading companies in music to help us to run the program.

For the 10 lucky few companies who get to take part in the program, $100,000 is on the line to push their business into the next tier. The money itself is being fronted by Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group. Other supporters include Sonos, Harmonix Music Systems and Bill Silva Entertainment.

The three-month program will begin February 21st and end May 18th, 2017.


For More Information: Techstars


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