RFS Picks: October 8th

Another new edition of RFS picks as fall becomes crisp. We promise, no Donald Trump soundbites, just good tunes.

Philippe Gagne – Somnium | Tempus | Insomnium

Quebecois Philippe Gagne’s Somnium | Tempus | Insomnium is a perfect example of how ambient music can perform just as well in an acoustic medium rather than electronic. Gagne uses a handpan to make all of his melodies and percussive sounds. The results are a strong melding of world music with ambient.

Various Artists – Locus Arcadia

Locus Arcadia, presented by ambient label Cryo Chamber, is a collaborative dark sci-fi ambient album featuring works by Randal Collier-Ford, Flowers for Bodysnatchers, Council of Nine, and God Body Disconnect.

Locus Arcadia is a surprisingly effective dark sci-fi album, providing elements of soundscapes, drone, and field recordings that feel eerie and ominous, but accessible enough that it will grab your focus.

Purl – Form Is Emptiness

From the beautiful landscape of Spain, Purl‘s For Is Emptiness is a vast, winding exploration of idm’s more ephemeral scapes. Slow, hazy, and heavy on synth, the world of Purl is perfect for those looking to drift away.

With each sound in its right place, but turning impulsively, as if was alive and conscious. Drawing breathtaking soundscapes with immersive vibes and chilling emerging pad sounds, slowly blossoming into colorful and vibrant sonic vistas.

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