RFS Recommends: Music for Your Every Move, Part 1

One of the best things about music is its plethora of compositions to suit any mood or function you require it for. So today Red Filter Sounds gives our readers a handful of different tracks to suit the setting.

For The Jog

Squarepusher – My Red Hot Car (Alkalino re-edit)

Squarepusher has been putting out tunes for three decades now, and they never seem to disappoint. A trained drummer and bassist, the musician’s track My Red Hot Car is perhaps one of his memorable tracks. Alkalino’s re-edit keeps the beat steady, making it perfect for keeping pace while chewing up pavement.

For Your Next Set of Tears

Lowercase Noises – Migratory Patterns

Lowercase Noises, the moniker for musician Andy Othling, created Migratory Patterns as a concept album. It follows a lone whale, exploring the vastness of the ocean and trying to find its way. The title track’s melody is highly emotive, and perfect for the background for the next time that you feel overwhelmed. Fans of Sigur Ros will feel quite at home.

For Doing Work

The Frozen Vaults – A Year Without Summer

Whether its writing, reading, paying bills or any other task you need to focus, the right music can keep you in the zone, while a mistake in your choice can be equally distracting. A Year Without Summer, by the Frozen Vaults, is a mellow blend of soundscapes and neo classical. Somber strings and piano are beautiful and sorrowful, perfect for placing your mind at ease to get stuff done. The rest of the compilation that it’s a part of, … and darkness came, is also well suited for work. At 87 songs, you’ll be free from making another choice for hours.

For The Morning Alarm

Tycho – Coastal Break

What’s the best type of song to wake up to? It varies from person to person, but around here we want something instrumental, positive, and a small bit of pep. Coastal Break is all of these things, along with being a perfect taste of everything Tycho brings to your ears as a band.

For the Next Yoga Workout

Premonition Factory – Chasing the unknown

Let’s be honest. when it comes to yoga music, the world of ambient has so many tracks that the dart board method could be used across the Great Wall of China. With that said, Premonition Factory always puts out great tunes, and Chasing the unknown is a powerful piece that will easily get you through that 15th downward dog.


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