RFS Recommends: Music For Your Every Move, Part 2

Continuing from yesterday’s post, Red Filter Sounds brings you more music to accompany all life has to offer.

For Dinner Inside (When You Want to Be Outside)

Folding Leaves – Wake Me

The weather in the Northern hemisphere is turning a little too crisp for one last meal outdoors, but for those that still yearn for that vibe, Wake Me is a great track to include in your dinner music. Chirping birds bring spring mornings to warm guitar melodies and soft vocals.

For Uplifting Spirits

Aural Methods, In lonesome winter forest

Aural Method makes simply beautiful music. A full band of percussion and string instruments accompany a mellow, happy, and uplifting guitar melody. It’s hard not to listen to In lonesome winter forest and feel a little rejuvenated.

For Sleeping

Steve Roach – Quiet Friend

Whether its time to meditate or close your eyes after a long day of stress, Steve Roach’s Structures from Silence has been recommended by listeners for over 30 years. It’s a classic example of analog-based ambient music, heavily layering synths on top of synths for an extremely dreamy landscape. Quiet Friend is our favorite track from the album.

For Your Halloween Party

Dronny Darko – Outer Tehom

If another year of people doing the Monster Mash has you looking towards something more ominous, Outer Tehom will probably fit the bill. Its combination of drone and dark ambient noise-scapes is positively chilling, making it likely that at least one person will leave your party spooked to the core.





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