Thud Rumble Teams with Intel on Future of Turntable Mixers

Thud Rumble’s Invader mixer is seeking to eliminate the laptop from a DJ’s gig bag.

When DJs started to scratch and mix their records, a whole new way of creating music was formed. But with the advent of digital production the craft has dwindled, replaced instead with laptops. DJ Qbert, whom many consider to be the Jimi Hendrix equivalent of scratch turntablists, and his company Thud Rumble have worked with Intel to create a mixer that includes a computer.

The Invader incorporates a touchscreen display that operates Windows 10 at the top of the unit, while the traditional mixing knobs and switches lie below. The goal of the system is to create a more portable unit with greater flexibility during performances.

Will the touch screen perform as well, and be as responsive as current analog/laptop setups? The units were made in conjunction with Intel and feature the option of the typical i5 and i7 processors. Considering these are the standard bearers for most computers anyway, chances are things will work well.

What is best is the Invader looks like it will have great flexibility. Native Instruments has put together an audio interface, the usual phono, HDMI, and USB3 ports are included, while the HDMI will allow for Serato Video compatibility. It is being initially designed for use with Traktor mixing software, but any Windows-compatible app should function.

At $1,699, the Invader is pricey but comparable with other professional DJ mixers. With the reputation of Thud Rumble behind the product, DJs should be very excited. Hopefully this will be the beginning of new creativity rooted in old-school flavor.

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