RFS Picks: December 5th, 2016

Well the weather is turning frightful, so new tunes will surely be delightful… now that the poor attempt at satire has been given up on, it’s time for some tunes!

Cosmos – Atlas

Hailing from the land of Angers, France, Cosmos’ sound brings to mind the works of Scotland’s Mogwai or instrumental tones of Japan’s Envy. If you’ve ever seen a Danny Boyle movie and enjoyed the soundtrack, the post-rock nuances of Atlas will  suit you perfectly fine.

Cousin Silas – Panoramica

Panoramica is quintessential ambient. The album’s a journey of soundscapes and haze, drifting first through a 31-minute opening track before exploring more cosmic melodies. Cousin Silas has stated that purchases made through mid-December will go completely to fundraising efforts.

Kai Beckman – Unreleased (2015-2016)

More often than not, a musician will create a handful of works that just don’t fit with the theme of the album, are meant for collaborative purposes that fall through, or simply get made and then forgotten. Deeply entrenched in the world of experimental IDM, ruled by the likes of Aphex Twin and Autechre, Beckman’s Unreleased tracks may have been lost but are luckily being shared with the masses. A fun album for any fan of IDM and electronic music.



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