RFS Around the Net: December 22, 2016

On occasion, Red Filter Sounds comes across a good story that either inspires us in our own posts or leads us towards trying a certain product. Other times, these stories are enlightening or simply worth the time to read. We’ve wanted to share these stories with our readers so this is the start of a new regular column, bringing to you news from around the net related to the music you love.

Infected Mushroom’s Extreme Voice Processor

Israeli psychedelic trance band Infected Mushroom has been putting out some of the most eclectic and inventive electronica music for years now. Here, Sonic State discusses the duo’s brilliant experimental Voice Processor from Polyverse.

MusicTech.net Interviews Label Worx

Approaching their ten-year anniversary as a company, the United Kingdom’s Label Worx has become a beacon of light in the music industry. Once a mere offshoot of their record label Alter Ego Records, Label Worx is now regularly relied on by producers and labels in the dance-music genre. MusicTech.net recently sat down for a great interview with Label Worx.

What Making Music Looked Like With a Computer 30 Years Ago

30 years ago, music programs such as Pro Tools was starting to change to music industry. But it wasn’t yet without its quirks. On the show Micro Live, take a look host Fred Harris’s presentation of Steinberg’s Pro-24. It’s safe to say that compared to the 1980’s, life has gotten a little better.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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