RFS Picks: March 21st, 2017

Well, hello there! I suppose it HAS been awhile since we’ve played some music around these parts. Nevertheless, the music hasn’t stopped reverberating since our last RFS Picks. Without further delay, here are three new albums to fill your ambient needs.

SOFTWARE – Digital-Dance

The duo of Peter Mergener and Michael Weisser have now been experimenting with sound for nearly 35 years. True heros of meshing computers with music, SOFTWARE beautifully layer electronic sounds, visuals, and environments.

Smoky & Coop – Ten Days of Unusual Miracles

For those who like their ambient music with guitar induced haze and vocals.

An excerpt from Smoky himself: “On the night itself, we turned the lights off in the studio, Dan sat in a corner in the darkness and brought out his book of lyrics and I plugged my guitar into an assortment of effects pedals. I pressed record to check the sound, I started playing, Dan started singing, and a song called Your Face came out, fully formed. The recording on the EP is the very first thing we did – no rehearsals, no discussion, just a beautiful three-minute piece of late-night ethereal blues.”

Selffish – He She Them Us

Selffish, aka Andrejs Eigus, says that his name is an absurdist play on similar yet unrelated words. That absurdism carries over into his music, an ecclectic electronica mix of staccato beats, field recordings, live recordings and much more.

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