Moogfest 2017 Arrives in May

One of the best annual music meets thought events is back. Moogfest 2017 is set for May 18th to May 21st in Durham, NC.

Since 2004, the goal of Moogfest has been to bring together artists, inventors, scientists, futurists and more together to aggregate our creativity and problem solving. Conversations should focus on experimentation, expanding your mind and improving the world.

Such aspirations from a music festival are largely due to the man the festival is about. Dr. Robert Moog and Moog Music have been pioneers in the world of analog synthesizers and music technology for artists. Moog was one of the originals to take the technical edge of sound engineers and incorporate it onto the stage.

About Bob Moog:

Moog started building and selling theremins when he was sixteen. He used the profits to pay his way through college and graduate school, where he studied electrical engineering and engineering physics. Bob went on to receive degrees from Columbia University, Cornell University, and the Berklee College of Music.

Bob dedicated his engineering ingenuity to developing new creative tools for artists. He collaborated with the greatest minds of his time and inspired many others. His colleagues included early synth pioneers like Don Buchla, Herb Deutsch, and Ray Kurzweil, and his creative peers run the gamut from John Cage to Stevie Wonder. His career in instrument design has been honored with two Grammys, a lifetime achievement award and a Special Merit/Technical award.

In 1978, Bob moved South from New York to North Carolina, seeking a different point of view on electronic music: “One doesn’t hear much talk of synthesizers here in western North Carolina,” he said, “From this vantage point, it’s easy to get a good perspective on the electronic musical instrument scene.” It was with this unique perspective that Bob Moog started the business that still carries his name. Today, Moog Music is an employee-owned company dedicated to Bob’s important legacy, lovingly manufacturing electronic musical instruments by hand in downtown Asheville, NC.

This year’s lineup is as vast as ever, ensuring that both music lovers and free thinkers alike will have plenty to enjoy. Music guests include Flying Lotus, Animal Collective, and Talib Kweli, while conferences will include a talk by Michael Stipe and a presentation on Magenta, a Google Brain project that pushes the boundaries of AI applied to art.

For More Information on the Lineup: MoogFest 2017

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