RFS Picks: April 27th, 2017

The month of April has come and gone much like its oft-torrential rainstorms. As we move into the true prime of spring – at least in the northern hemisphere – here is a more cheery assortment of great tunes to put your mind at ease.

Idle Sound – Respite EP

Yet another example of how ambient music can be guitar driven, this hazy, shoe-gazed dream of instrumentals by Stephen Gobeil is a perfect addition to your routine in the morning.

screen door – looking to the sky

Blending classic synth with midi stylings and an ambient vibe, screen door bring a much peppier tone that most ambient listeners will be used to, but fans of IDM and electronica in general will feel right at home.

the tumbled sea – songs by the tumbled sea

As on the nose an album title as you get – at least other than self titled tracks – the tumbled sea’s neo-classical meanderings are perfect for the end of the day. songs by the tumbled sea is a great choice for anyone who appreciates simple post-rock ambient that simultaneously haunts and calms you while listening.

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