Aphex Twin to Have First Set Streamed Live

Fans of Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin, will be in for a treat June 3rd as for the first time ever, a performance will be streamed live. The set will be audible through NTS.Live will be part of Victoria Park’s 2017 Field Day in London.

The 10th annual festival is seeing an especially strong lineup this year, with headlining duties by Aphex Twin being supported by acts such as Run the Jewels, Slowdive and Flying Lotus. Overall, more than 50 artists are scheduled to perform.

But the real unique twist will be the live stream of Aphex Twin’s set, a first for the artist. A series of teaser videos had hinted at a collaboration between NTS and Aphex Twin mate Weirdcore, and now it’s confirmed. A special adaptation of the set will appear live, creating a unique experience for streaming viewers separate from the live performance.

NTS is currently featuring a countdown for the set along with clips of unreleased Aphex Twin Music.

For More Information: Field Day Festival 2017

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