RFS Notable: Floating Points Releases New Album: Reflections Mojave Desert

If you’ve ever read anything on Red Filter Sounds, chances are you know that around here we’re fans of the work of Sam Shepherd. The medical scientist turned musician has been doing wonderfully ethereal music for a few years now. At the end of last week, he and some friends released Floating Points’ latest project, Reflections – Mojave Desert. And rather than back down from the ambitious levels he reached with 2015’s Elaenia, Shepherd has teamed up with two guitarists (Alex Reeve and Matthew Kirkis), a bassist (Sasumu Mukai), and a drummer (Leo Taylor) and pushed the boundaries of his music even further.

In late August 2016, Floating Points and his band travelled to the Mojave Desert to write and rehearse before the start of their US tour.
Whilst visiting Joshua Tree National Park, they were struck not only by its physical beauty, but also by the sonic reflections from the rock formations; A unique combination of reverb, echo and phase shifting modulating the surrounding sounds of the landscape. The band took advantage of this environment to write and record some new music at the base of some of these natural sculptures, documented in a short film included within.

The album is now available on CD and vinyl, as well as digital download.

What do you think of the album? Leave a reply below.

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