RFS Picks: August 21st, 2017

It’s been a funky summer, hasn’t it? Whether it’s strange weather, chaos at work, or decidedly scary politics, it feels time for another escape. So we’re back once again, with more great music for you to dig into.

Alpha Wave Movement – Cerulean Skies

Alpha Wave Movement has made its way into Red Filter Sounds’ library on more than one occasion. And now, after being given new access to more of his music personally, Cerulean Skies is making another list of RFS Picks. More will come to follow this post, but in the meantime give another solid album a listen.

Hammock – Mysterium

This album won’t officially drop until next Friday (August 25th), but if the teaser track “This Is Not Enough (Epilogue)” is a sign of things to come, Hammock’s album Mysterium will be a wonderfully dreamy, ethereal listen. Expect guitar and classic ambient melodies, blended choral tones and a modern classical element as well.

Man of No Ego – Blinkers Removed (432hz)

Completed this batch of RFS picks is a unique record from Bulgaria by Man of No Ego. Once again produced in a unique tuning of 432hz, Blinkers Removed features a European blend of ambient, downtempo and space chill melodies incorporated with sampled speech by world healer Acharya Rajneesh.

Stay tuned for more great music.

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