Landmark Album by Hiroshi Yoshimura to have International Re-Issue

Hiroshi Yoshimura’s seminal 1982 album, Music for Nine Post Cards, will be reissued this November 17th, 2017, on Empire of Signs Records. The new label is run by Spencer Duran (of Visable Cloaks) and Maxwell August Croy (of Root Strata fame).

For fans of ambient music, there are always one or two musicians that can be traced back as the origin for love of the genre. In Japan, there’s a good chance that listeners of a certain age will point to the work of Hiroshi Yoshimura. Born in 1940, Yoshimura was a pioneering musician and composer well known for his production performances that blended graphic design and sound design. His wondrous music engineering skills made him a key figure within Japan, and Music for Nine Post Cards proved the be heavily influential when released in the early eighties. Yoshimura went on to produce music for runway shows, train stations and more, along with serving as an educator at Chiba University and in the Kunitachi College of Music Design Department.

Unfortunately, Yoshimura’s work was never fully appreciated outside of his home country while alive. Without the scope of the internet to distribute his melodies, many never heard of Yoshimura prior to his death from skin cancer in 2003. That will all hopefully change in November, when Empire of Signs will debut its label with officially releasing Music of Nine Post Cards through Light in the Attic’s distribution. Doran and Croy went many lengths to be loyal to the original LP, collaborating with Yoshimura’s widow Yoko and reproducing the original art and liner notes.

For more information, visit Empire of Sign’s Soundcloud page for the album.

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