Fanburst: The Newest Streaming App Built for Musicians

Built in Australia and the USA, Fanburst seeks to create a new music platform with a different target audience. Rather than gear itself towards music listeners, Fanburst has focused itself first on music creators. But in a world where a dollar is now few and far between – and more mouths than ever – can the platform find its niche?

Fanburst describes itself as a place for musicians and creators to upload and share their music. Artists have unlimited uploads, and fans have unlimited streaming. At 1GB, the platform is allowing for a healthy upload cap per track, and without a current limit on sharing, you can create and publish to your hearts content. has more details… especially regarding the developer side of things.

Fanburst also wants to accommodate for the developer community, boasting a stellar performance on popular tech product site, Product Hunt. They have developed the only open music API – especially as Soundcloud and other major services have moved to shutting down access.

From the Product Hunt post – “Other music APIs require registration and a lengthy approval process before you can start building. We want developers to use our API and library to build new listening experiences on desktop and mobile.”

Tracks currently have a wide range; from ambient, to trip hop, to alternative, and more.

Music has always had a unique yet precarious standing within the world of business. The business has always been dependent on copyright laws. At their core, the purpose of copyright law was to give musicians and other artists a way to make a living off of their creations. But the problem was that these laws were put into place at a time that could not have possibly imagined today’s distribution capabilities. Fanburst wants to make things better for musicians and fans alike, and hopefully its dreams bear fruit. But for now, all we can do is cross our fingers and keep our ears open. And, of course, sign up and support a love of music.

Try Fanburst through their beta.

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