Rainbow Serpent Festival, January 26-28th 2018



For those in the northern hemisphere dying to get out of the brisk chill of the winter, Australia offers a truly eclectic escape in the form of the Rainbow Serpent festival. One of Australia’s most popular music festivals, this Lexton, Victoria experience should be well worth the trip for anyone willing to travel south.

The Rainbow Serpent festival is a vast experience with a little something for everyone. First, there’s the music. Over the years, the festival has evolved from being just an electronic festival to now exploring, progressive styles, glitch-hop, hybrid electronic manipulations, and more. The plethora of options will allow even the most gluttonous of music listeners something new to feed on. Here’s a link to the international artists joining the fray.

If your ears need a break, the eyes can be tantalized with the bizarre and boisterous collective of the arts. The artists span the globe, travelling from Mexico, France, Sweden and more.

For the rest of your time, you’ll be able to explore an incredible bazaar, a community village, and the beautiful nature of Victoria, Australia. Rainbow Serpent has taken great pride in its sustainability as a festival, so if you plan to take in the the fest, make sure to adhere to it’s Create No Waste mantra.

The bad news? Time is running out and the only way to get into the event is to join the waiting list.¬†If you’re lucky enough to get tickets, get ready for for a memorable weekend of music. While you’re at it… take us with you? Please?

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