Preview: Moog Festival, May 17-20, Durham, NC

As we are always so partial to discuss, North Carolina’s annual MoogFest will be returning once again to the streets of Durham. The festival has gone a long ways towards making it one of the premier shows for techie music buffs, intelligent music design, and curious composition.

Robert Arther “Bob” Moog was one of the premier designers of the synthesizer and is often considered the founding father of electronic music. As a tribute to his musical contributions, the Moogfest has regularly been held on the weekend closest to Moog’s birthday in May (Moog was born on May 23rd). But Moog didn’t just embraced the world of electronic music, and neither does the festival. Visitors will also get to take part in interactive experiences, visual art, installations, panels, question and answer sessions, and more. For those with inherently curious minds, the festival is a regular cornucopia of delight.

This year’s music lineup currently has nearly 40 artists lined up to perform, including Fawkes, DJ Haram, Kyoka, Lawrence Rothman, Bonaventure, and Midori Takada.

As a large scale music, art, and technology festival, visitors will have a few different options to experience the 4 day event. Standard festival passes are currently about $200 on pre-sale and provide you with access to all performances and conference programming, as well as many workshops which require RSVPs. If you want to step up your experience, you’ll need to shell out $449 for the Moogerfooger pass or $1,500 for the Engineer pass. What do these passes get you? The Moogerfooger pass gets you exclusive VIP access to all events, but the Engineer pass gets you something truly special. Ever wanted to build an analog synthesizer? For a select group of enthusiasts, they’ll get to work in tandem with Moog’s engineers to do just that, creating their own unreleased piece of Moog technology over the course of several workshops during a two-day period.

As is the norm these days, the sooner you buy your tickets, the better shape you’ll be in. The Early Bird pricing has already disappeared, but pre-sale pricing is still good until February 28th.

For More Information: Moogfest 2018

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