RFS Picks: February 25, 2018

Back from a winter hibernation, Red Filter Sounds’ RFS picks are back! As per usual we try to dabble between various forms of ambient, drone, idm, and more to help give everyone a few new tunes to satiate their ear drums.

Taylor Deupree – Fallen

Hailing from Japan, Deupree’s experimental mix of electronica and drone is much more ethereal than you may find from other drone artists. From the man himself:

When I sit down to write an album I will usually come up with a technical and compositional concept to help focus my writing. Whether it is a restricted palette of instruments or a specific way of approaching the writing, this practice has helped me explore different processes and helps keep the album focused.

Software – Digital Dance

Switching to a much more upbeat and classic electronic tone, Germany’s Software is celebrating its 30th anniversary. As part of the celebration, label 100% Electronic is distributing a limited edition of 300 cassettes for Digital Dance. For those who want to party like 1988, now’s your chance.

Electric Djinn – The Singles

Hailing from New York, Electric Djinn’s renaissance woman of a composer created this eclectic, experimental track and released it on BandCamp back in 2013. From her website:

The computer is our friend

EDJ music is grounded in low frequencies, and programmed beats topped with virtual synth sounds and sultry, minimal vocals, layered in binarual beats, isochronic tones and the sweet smell of the oceanic.

Neptune is curious about this planet we live on and all that surrounds us, the universe, the mind, those things we cannot see, and love.

Keep an eye out for EDJ’s performances throughout New York City’s boroughs.


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