45 International Music Festivals to be Gender Equal by 2022

Image via prsfoundation.com

Initiated by Keychange, an initiative by the United Kingdom’s PRS Foundation, 45 music festivals have agreed to work towards making their performance lineups a 50/50 mix of male and female speakers and performers by 2022. This reflects Keychange’s core goal, which is to empower female musicians and transform the industry’s gender dynamic.

About the PRS Foundation:

We invest in the future of music by supporting talent development and new music across the UK; enabling songwriters and composers of all backgrounds to realise their potential and reach audiences across the world.
Since March 2000 we have supported over 6,300 new music initiatives to the tune of over £29.5 million. We do this through open grant schemes which are available to musicians and organisations and partnership programmes which we lead in response to specific needs and gaps in funding.
Because of our specialist knowledge of the music sector, our support is seen as an indication of quality and innovation. We are also proud to be widely respected as an adventurous, and straightforward organisation and to have established a strong track record as funder of a broad range of activity – from unsigned band showcases and professional development programmes to music commissions and composer residencies.

While it seems silly that in this day in age initiatives such as this one are necessary, it has unfortunately been reinforced in pop culture on multiple occasions this past year, including the comments by Neil Portnow at the Grammy Awards.

Music festivals that have embraced the initiative include the Winter Jazzfest in NYC, BreakOut West in Canada, the Liverpool International Music Festival, and Trondheim Calling in Norway.

What does everyone else think? Do concerts need to be more equal in gender representation?

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