RFS Picks: Imaginaria Festival, Sambuca Pistoiese, Italy

Every so often, Red Filter Sounds likes to bring up some fun new music and art events for enthusiasts to explore and enjoy. This time, we’ve chosen one from the beautiful mountainside of northwest Tuscany: Sambuca Pistoiese’s iMAGiNARiA, held between June 14th and 17th this year.

Unlike many of the other events that RFS has discussed -which were primarily niche-based music festivals- iMAGiNARiA is much more of a participation based event. As the founders put it iMAGiNARiA is:

Born as a small party among buddies, now days the group has grown. Currently iMAGiNARiA is a colorful meeting of art and music.
It’s a blessed haven sheltered and unspoiled, where people of all ages gather to enjoy shows, concerts, workshop, games and freedom!
iMAGiNARiA is an art participatory project, the aim is to encourage the audience to become active participants, so to trigger them into consciousness of the magic moment they are living!

For those who end up making the journey, expect an eclectic and diverse combination of art, music, and peoples. Everyone is suggested to volunteer for 2 hours, help produce art, and dance the night away. For those who have become disenfranchised with some of the larger music events, this will likely bring you back to the more grassroots days that many festival-goers yearn for.

If what you’re hearing holds some appeal, be sure to check out the event’s website and facebook pages.

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