Sampling Issues? Tracklib Makes it Easy

Ever since the days that mixers hit masses, sampling music to create new tunes has been a habit of many a producer. But while the ability the spin a piece of an established track is indelibly creative, copyright laws surrounding the action have always been hazy. Many an artist have gone down a legal whirlpool, losing what could have been thousands, if not millions of dollars because licensing wasn’t properly taken care of. Tracklib has sought to end this issue.

Tracklib is a new service that has about 60,000 tracks in its current arsenal. Spanning nearly 8 decades of music, the service touts a healthy mix of key tracks, such as the Honeydrippers “Impeach the President,” and lesser-known grooves that will inspire you for years. Once you’ve found the track you want, purchases start at $1.99. Then once you’re ready to release a track, Tracklib claims licensing is clean and easy.

It’s a novel idea to lend some order to the sampling culture, and it’s already turned some heads. The question becomes though, is a historically anti-bureaucratic scene ready to step up and follow the beats of DMCA? Only time will tell. Nevertheless, the service provides an excellent option for those who don’t want the nightmare of lawyers burying them in paperwork.

For More Information: Tracklib

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