RFS Picks: April 22, 2018

The sun is finally shining a little more around this neck of the woods and that means more music is very necessary! Check out 3 more artists to listen to for your ambient music needs, brought to you by Red Filter Sounds.

Behind Clouds – Reaching Towards the Sky

Blissful and ethereal, Italy’s Behind Clouds is quintessential, low key ambient music. Heavy on the synth and very easy to drift away into the ..erm.. clouds.

Alaskan Tapes – Beyond the Streets

Alaskan Tapes’ Beyond the Streets is a great blend ethereal vocals, soft piano, and reverberating tones, perfect for any chill out sessions. From their website:

The outfit is the brainchild of composer Brady Kendall, who set out to explore different approaches and craft songs the aren’t only about memorable melodies, but also about texture and depth.
Alaskan Tapes releases conventional albums, tracks and EPs, but the project is also busy working on soundtrack work for film and other visual media. With its far-reaching orchestral drones, bespoke arrangements and intimate production aesthetics, the outfit’s recent release, “In Distance We’re Losing”, stands out as a great example of Alaskan Tapes’ work.
Music from Alaskan Tapes can be found in a variety of short films, including “Childhood Trauma” and “Mag Sein” by Director Eliot Rausch, or “ABADDON” by Director Rogerio Silva, just to mention a few.

The Caretaker – Everywhere at the end of time

Finishing our picks for the day is The Caretaker’s Everywhere at the end of time. For anyone with a bit of time on their hands, this release from the Caretaker is quite the epic concept album. Starting off with hazy 1920’s big band sort of jazz, the music slowly evolves more and more as we seemingly dive deeper into the artist’s subconscious.

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