Try 2 of Roland’s Virtual Rhythm Composers For Free

Any habit has its dangers. Unfortunately, music composition tends to be one of those that can get rather pricey. But for those who are looking for a great try-before-you buy deal, Roland is allowing people to try out the virtual versions of their famous 808 and 909 unites without a subscription to Roland Cloud. But once you get tinkering, beware – Roland’s Cloud service may be too good a deal to pass up.

Roland Cloud represents the world’s most powerful cloud-based suite of high-resolution software synthesizers and sampled instruments, connected services and software for modern music creators.  Our global community of artists, creators and dreamers have easy-access to an ever-growing catalog of legendary and brand-new software instruments.

Roland claims that for 19$/month, you gain full access to $4,000 dollars of software. So what does this include? Frankly, there’s too many items to list, so head over to the catalog page to get a better idea.

An excerpt about the 808 and 909:

Since its release more than four decades ago, the TR-909 has joined the hallowed halls of legendary instruments alongside its older sibling, the TR-808. While the 808 may get more of the limelight, the 909 sparked something in musicians and producers of the day, making it the rhythmic foundation of trailblazing new genres like house, techno and hip-hop. And like many vintage Roland instruments, it was far more than the sum of its parts. The TR-909 has a vibe. Its interface and the way the sounds interact with each other and change their character with knob tweaks are all part of the experience. It’s why original 909s go for thousands of dollars on the used market. And while the 909 is often imitated with sound-alike sample-packs and less-than-faithful emulations, a real 909 feels alive and injects that special something into a track.

For More Information: Roland Cloud

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