Recapping the Brooklyn Synth Expo

Image via The Deli Magazine

For those who made the journey, the Brooklyn Synth Expo was a blast to the past of the hardcore expo, days before commercialism took completely over and die-hards ruled ruled niche scenes. Hosted in the hole-in-the-wall Absurd Conclave, an alleged 2,500 people tinkered and twisted sound over the course of a two-day weekend. That represents more the double what the attendance was in November of 2016.

The number of items on display was staggering for the space, and featured all sorts of boosts, delays, distortions, reverbs, synths, filters, and more. For guitar players, there was a wonderful assortment of guitars and stomp boxes, each ready for people to tinker with for hours. The only thing that may have been lacking was the modules, which were few and far between.

What might have been the best thing about the expo was the list of participants. The show featured dozens of different manufacturers both big and small, including Arturia, Critter & Guitari, Dave Smith Instruments, Elektron, Expressive E, Eventide, IK Multimedia, KORG, MOOG, Native Instruments, Novation, Roland, Teenage Engineering, and others.

With the success of this years expo and turnout, it’s exciting to see what will come to pass for next years edition Hopefully, if held at the Absurd Conclave again, it’ll move to colder temps, however; all that gear generates a lot of heat on a warm June day…

Keep grooving people!

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