Roli Announces Cypher2, Adding to Its Lineup

After years in the making Roli is rolling out the Cypher2, a softsynth which was created for the most part by FXpansion, whose team was acquired two years ago.

Over 1300 diverse and exciting sounds in total (including both 5D and 2D presets) have been carefully crafted for Cypher2 by veteran FXpansion and ROLI sound designers. From atmospheric and sharp-edged electronics like PD Antarctica Ice Sweep 5D, to otherworldly interpretations of acoustic instruments like WI Harmonica 5D, there’s an entire sonic universe to discover.

“This project has been a true labour of love for the FXpansion team and ROLI’s veteran sound designers”, says Angus Hewlett, founder of FXpansion and now VP Engineering at ROLI. “The expressive power of 5D MPE and the sonic fidelity of circuit modeled synthesizer components is a uniquely powerful combination: an advanced software synthesizer which responds to your playing like no other”.

At $199 dollars, it puts a mild dent in the wallet but it’s well worth it for those who know how to use it. But even better, Seaboard and BLOCKS creators will be able to acquire Cypher2 for only $79 dollars. At that point, it’s hard to say no.

Interest piqued? Check out Roli’s Cypher 2 story to get more information. It’s well worth diving deeper.

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