Preview: Amsterdam Dance Event 2018

For those that have any business or love for electronic music, the Amsterdam Dance Festival should be on your bucket list for at least one go around. In addition to ambient, chillout, downtempo, electronic music fans and musicians can check out every sub-genre imaginable. Last year, the event attracted nearly 400,000 visitors, who viewed music performed by 2,500 artists in 140 venues. This year’s festivities will cover October 17th-21st.

But it’s not just for the fans. ADE is perfect for performers and industry stalwarts to take part in as well for inspiration and dealmaking.

About ADE
ADE consists of a conference (day) and festival (day & night) program. Which basically means that the city of Amsterdam is all about electronic music for five days and nights, with events in around 160 locations.

Program: artists and speakers
In 2017, ADE featured over 2,500 artists and 550 speakers. The line-ups for the single festival events will be announced in the coming months and the complete day and night program will be finalized in September.

It’s impossible to visit all clubs and venues, so check back on the ADE site regularly for program updates, start planning early and secure your tickets in time, as single festival events will be sold out way before October. In the meantime you can sign up here to get personalized ticket updates and to create and save your personal program.

Of course, ADE is about having fun. But it also means business. Which is why over 9,000 professional delegates from over 90 countries visit ADE to network and exchange ideas. Most of them are working in the field of electronic music, but ADE also attracts numerous delegates from outside the scene. Whether you’re looking for examples of great branding, innovative technology or just the latest musical trends, we’ve got you covered with our multiple conference tracks.

Access to events
ADE offers multiple tickets. The ADE Pass (5 Day & Night) gives you access to the complete ADE program. The ADE Conference Pass (4 Day) gives you access to the complete day program. An ADE Pass or an ADE Conference Pass also gives you access to our online database. Single festival tickets will be available here.

Sound like your cup of tea? Get more information about the Amsterdam Dance Event on their website.

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