RFS Picks: Aphex Twin Collapse EP

Few individuals get the opportunity to spend decades pushing an art form forward. In the case of Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin, not even a hiatus of nearly 15 years stopped him. Returning in 2014, James released the expansive Syro. Just as surprising that it was released was the fact that is was just damn good.

Now 4 years later Aphex twin returns with Collapse, a five-song EP. So, how does it compare to both Syro and James’ original works?

For lack of any better way to put it, Collapse isn’t exactly like any specific era of Aphex Twin music. Rather, it draws on a little bit of everything from over the years. At times drenched in acid, some times highly experimental, other times more traditional techno, Collapse is ultra glitchy and unmistakably Aphex Twin. What’s nice is, unlike many of James’ other EP experiments, this feels much more like a well put together standalone project.

Certainly not for someone who’s looking to chill out, Aphex Twin continues his comeback with some highly enjoyable beats. A must listen for anyone who has ever been a fan.

To Buy: Aphex Twin

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