RFS Picks: Oct. 1, 2018

Long overdue, RFS Picks is back! As per usual, we try to mix things up with a solid group of tunes that hopefully you’ve never heard of.

James Murray – Loss

From Murray:

Loss is as much about having as it is about losing. Its slow-burning arc charts finding, loving, losing and grieving with quiet dignity. Calm and reflective, crushing and relentless: it’s an immersion in the wide and wild landscape of the soul.

The Long Light – Our Waking Hours

Andy Condon of the Glimmer Room, performing as The Long Light, has been quietly putting together beautiful music for years, but back in 2014, he got things started with this two-song piece of piano minimalism.

Jake Muir – Lady’s Mantle

Completing our day of appreciating ambient musicians, we present the vast skyscapes and ethereal sounds of Jake Muir’s Lady’s Mantle, released this past July. To create the album, Muir actually sampled American pop and surf rock. Of course, Lady’s Mantle is a huge departure from such conventional sounds. But it makes you wonder – who is it exactly he sampled?

Stay Tuned.

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