Preview: Looking Ahead to 24-Hour Drone 2019

Image via Basilica Hudson

For true enthusiasts of the ambient, drone, noise, and chill out genres of music, Basilica Hudon’s 24 Hour Drone festival has steadily become a mainstay of the American down tempo music scene. Posited by the New York Post as possibly the most chill concert experience to be found, hundreds of people are exposed to hours of tunes since 2010.

24-HOUR DRONE, an immersive 24-hour event and all-encompassing experience, featuring musicians and sound artists experimenting within the spectrum of drone, an event that embodies Basilica Hudson at its most experimental and experiential — pushing the boundaries of what a communal, conceptual experience can be. Co-presented with Le Guess Who?

24-HOUR DRONE 2018 spanned genres, continents and centuries in honor of one of the most ancient forms of ritual and communion. 2019 lineup and info coming soon.

Escape the tight hands of time in a long-form, endurance homage to sound. An all-encompassing, immersive event, 24-HOUR DRONE features musicians and sound artists experimenting with sustained tones, creating a full twenty-four hours of unbroken sound.

Droners are free to come and go over the twenty-four hours, but those who make the commitment to this long-duration work will be rewarded with the intangible feeling of meditative contentment, pure bliss, and communal collaboration.

Sound as Experience. Sound as Installation. Sound without the tight hands of Time. To honor sound in a space that enhances it and places it in a long-form time schedule that allows it to expand.

Explore. Experiment. Exchange.

What do you think? Could you handle the experience? If it piques your fancy, there’s no better time to etch in into your spring calendar. 2019’s 24 Hour Drone will take place the weekend of April 27th and April 28th.

For More Information: Basilica Hudson

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