Black Friday & Cyber Monday Music Tech Deals

It’s hard not to get tempted by a great Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deal. We’re just as guilty as you are, so it’s okay! Here are some of our favorites that are well worth your hard earned cash.

Nebula FX for 1 Pound (99% off)

Normally priced at over 150 dollars, the Nebula reverb plugin by soundspot features stereo delay, chorus, flanger, filter, LFO, all providing all sorts of sonic mayhem.

Check out the deal here. While you’re there, be sure to check out soundspot’s other great deals on the Orbit Transient Designer, velo limiter, FireFly Compressor and many more. Really, there’s nowhere you can go wrong from soundspot at the time of publication.

Don’t Count Out Heavyocity’s Sales as well

It’s still not a paltry sum, but Heavyocity’s Gravity program is 50% off at $224.50 for the shopping mayhem. Perfect for composers, (this software helped with movies such as Interstellar and Gone Girl), the software is perfect for those who are looking for immersive atmosphere or complex glitch effects.

MIDI Mayhem with Novation

In search for a decent MIDI keyboard to tickle the synthetic ivorys once more? Novation’s 61 MIDI controller has always been a decent buy, but it’s currently 16% off at Musicians Friend, a savings of $40.

ToonTrack Runs the Gamut

ToonTrack has been kicking around for a few years, starting with their “Drumkit from Hell” and then slowly expanding over the course of 15 years to make some killer software. They’re running sales on a variety of their products, including the EZMiz 2 and LO-FI EZmix pack.

Happy Hunting!


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