RFS Picks Jan. 29

As most of the US begins to deal with the breath-choking strangle of sub-zero wind chills, there’s no better time than to go new music hunting. As per usual, Red Filter Sounds has put together a handful of new picks of music to give a listen.

36 – Fade to Grey

From the artist: Fade To Grey reflects on current social paradigms, where social media has become a weak substitute for human interaction. Rather than bringing people together, it often makes us feel lonelier than ever. As evident in the album’s artwork, technology is shown to be far from benign. The soft, gentle elegance of watercolor is juxtaposed by the violent splatters of machinery. Every vice has its price.

City Girl – Somnolent Nova

A sweet blend of hip-hop beats, jazzy melodies, and spaced-synth ambient, and r&b vocals. RFS recommends “Gossamer Dress.” From City Girl:

The loud streets and busy avenues drown in your thoughts. A silence from nowhere envelopes you like an angel swept down from heaven, whose soft wings bring you into a divine rêverie. The rain-soaked and moon-stained streets turn ethereal. Entire plazas become burnished mirrors where you see yourself reflected in thousands of colorless multitudes.

Cialyn – Silver Halide Sunshine

Rounding out our choices for the day is Cialyn with Silver Halide Sunshine. The most classic-sounding electronica of the three, the tunes originating out of France reflect their European upbringing. At time the beats will bring you the driving stutter step found in various trance tunes, while other times synthesizers scrawl the vast stage while being carried by tight drumbeats.

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