The Suntribe Festival: Getting Your Ambient Kicks in Belgium this May

For those looking for a chance to blend nature, music, and dance in a unique way this spring, Belgium’s Suntribe Festival might be just the right excuse to hop on a plan, along with some stops to the country’s famed chocolatiers, of course.

Suntribe is a Natural Dance Festival where people come together and celebrate life! Without alcohol and other drugs just the groups energy. Fresh juices, healthy food, feeding your body and the life within. Connected with yourself, the Earth, the Sun and all the other dancers? A real natural trance festival! Our intentions are simple: Celebrate life, the Sun and Earth via melodic goa-trance, tribal live bands, intimate concerts, ecstatic dance, world music and ambient vibrations on a pure day party! We will not serve any alcohol or soft drinks on this event. Only water, tea, biological soda’s and fresh juices.​

Does being part of the tribe this year interest you? The festival will take place May 31st through June 1st.

For More Information: Suntribe Festival

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